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GoPro HD Motorsports kits back in stock!!!!

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Cycle Sector now has plenty of GoPro HD Motorsports kits available! They have been on backorder sooo long but the wait is over (temporarily)!

If you are interested in one, please shoot me a PM!

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might as well make it a third. pm me info on pricing
disco, has my order shipped yet????
if no , lets add one of these in......
pms incoming.

You got it Gee!
Plz PM me a price

Also price on an extra battery & charger

Thx :)
PM me a price shipped to 46168 please! thanks!
Price and shipped to 01845 thanks in advance.
PM'd you guys back. I just went on my honeymoon and got tons of footage on my GoPro, I took it everywhere with me. Used it on the scooters we rented, the mountainbikes for snorkeling....and in the hotel room...jk :laughing:

When I have some time I will edit it into a nice vid.
How long will this deal be going on? I wish I could buy this but might be a few months tell I can afford it :(
pm with price shipped to 29407

and in the hotel room...jk :laughing:

Congrats on the marriage, Diego!:shakehand
pm with price shipped to 10461.

congratz on wedding man, wouldnt mind seeing some of that footage, what hotel? :pimp:
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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