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GoPro LCD BacPac's in stock! $79.99 shipped!

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We just got our shipment of the new GoPro LCD BacPac's! These are the attachable LCD screens that allow you to preview and playback all your video footage! That means you don't have to wait to get home or carry around a laptop with you to make sure you got the right angles or good video; you can view your footage instantly!

I've been on the track and have gone on good rides and hope I got good footage, but when I get home I realize the camera angle was off, the video shut off, or I just missed the shot I wanted. No more! :)

If you are interested in one of these you can get it here while they are currently in stock:
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Oh I must have missed it, I'll check now
We got a pretty trick GoPro display too :)

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Is that 79 OTD?
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