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Shade said:
Just bought a 01' 929 today... It has some bad plastics, tank could use replacing and the front fairing... it has high miles, 28K, but is very mechanically sound, brand new tires, plugs, oil, chain, etc... etc... clean title and all, rides beautifully and full of power and I bought it for $2150.. It also came with a pimp Icon jacket and a bike cover... Within the hour I sold it all for $3000 to a good friend :) Good day today!
Sounds like you are a good friend to make a quick buck of a "good friend". I've had friend's like you before....willing to make a quick buck off anyone. Don't get me wrong, I know you are no different than many other people. I just don't make money off friends. My friends pass on deals to me and return the favor of not making money off me. What comes around goes around. It's not like you ripped him off, I know that. But, we all have different morals and values on friedships. I'm not gonna give you the thumbs up for doing that to a "good friend".
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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