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I made a post a few days ago about my issue, I’ll go over it quickly again then post my updates.

Dropped my bike and it wouldn’t start afterwards, just cranked

Tried a push start right after, started for 2secs then died

Went home sad and got to work

Played with my BAS switch, it works cus fuel pump primes

Did a spark test on a plug and coil, got no spark

Did a second spark test with a different plug and coil but on all 4 wires, no spark just noise

Bike still doesn’t start, just cranks

Continuity on spark plug wires good and so is the voltage on the coils and battery

Now is where I really made progress with finding the issue but I still need help

Jumped the green and brown wires on my DLC to get codes And got 19,12,13,14,15,16,17 and like 3 weird 50’s
I don’t have a service manual, it’s getting shipped to me currently.
I need help with any insight on these codes and what they mean for the bike, I know what most are but I’m looking for more in depth guides. Pls help
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