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"Graffiti" edition wheel tape

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Anyone know the website that offers the "graffiti" edition wheel tape? I found it a few weeks ago and didnt bookmark it like an idiot:banghead: Anyway, Ive searched .net with no luck and Im hoping someone knows where to get it. I thought it was krazie graphics but I was wrong. Google wasnt very helpful either.....
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Dude, i have it sitting in my room, i just ordered it like a month ago, once i get home i can post up here and let you know what the name of the company was
Nice, thanks man
i did not even know such a thing was out there... link please
Try I ordered a reflective stripe the looks like the one on 'Leyla'
Aahhh, it was tapeworks. Good looking out. Thanks man. Got any pics of it on your bike?

Straight from my Atrix
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