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I put together a group of friends and we are hosting a small schedule of trackdays in 2006. Our goal is to continue providing a fun and safe limited rider environment in which you can enjoy trackdays with your friends.

We’ve named the group Apex2Apex.

The Grattan dates are finalized and listed below. We are communicating with other tracks but have not finalized those days yet.

Grattan – Monday, June 19
Grattan – Monday, July 31
Grattan – Monday, August 21
Grattan – Monday, September 11

We will have a full website up within 10 days. Full details will be on that site. Please don’t post questions here, we won’t be able to monitor and reply properly. The site will have a Contact Us page. Please use that to make inquiries. Email address is now active: [email protected]

Pricing is set at:
- Any single day = $150.

We’re also offering discounts if you purchase prior to April 30, 2006
- Any 2 days = $130 each
- Any 3 days = $125 each
- All 4 days = $120 each
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