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i would have asked this on a suzuki forum but you all know how suzuki tough guy riders are and will break out useless information.

ok so i have a 2001 gsxr600 and im in the process of doing a psudo streetfighter. the original front brake master cylindar unit was broken because the bike was wrecked, so i bought a replacement from a local bike salvage shop.

i installed everything and added DOT 4 brake fluid and everthing works fine. the next day ive noticed the bike was hard to move around in the garage and it felt like the brakes were partially engauged.

so my friend wanted to test the bike out around my neighborhood cul de sac and the front tire locked up after about 5 mins of riding around. luckily he was only going about 7mph. needless to say he took a little spill but no injuries. ( yes i did tell him about the suspicious brake problem)

we stood the bike up and cannot move it because the front tire is completely locked up via the brakes. to get it moving again i simply loosened the bolt on the right side caliper that holds the two brake lines to the caliper. some brake fluid leaked out and the brakes unlocked and i was able to ride the bike into the garage.

we suspected there might be dirt in the caliper/BMC line that prevented the fluid from flowing back into the BMC from the caliper...

i am at college now and the bike is at my parents place. i will be going home this weekend to work on the bike and would like some input before wrenching.

thanks guys!

and dont worry i love my RR more than the gsxr
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