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handbrake installed

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Finally got my long, Goodridge SS brakeline on friday...made up some more junction valves, and threw it all together. Bleeding it was a bit*h, but i finally got it. the 1000rr clutch master is sweet.

If anyone is interested in the junction valves, PM me...I made 3 extra. here are a couple pics.


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nioce. let us know how she works once you get some seat time with it. goin with the clutch on bottom eh? any particular reason?

3 extras, i got a buddie in need of a HB, how much for the junction valve? maybe 2?
well, i still am getting used to the new, bigger sprocket, and to be honest, i won't have confidence with the hb for awhile, so i just kinda put it "out of the way"...$35 shipped for a junction valve.
also, i haven't decided on which type of clutch perch/lever i'm gonna go with either...
gotcha on the valve, i'll let him know.

just about any lever other than stock is an improvement. the stock one isn't too bad if you can move it farther in on the bars... til you get an aftermarket one, then you won't understand how you ever did without it, lol.
sent u a PM i want one asap ready to paypal when ever u email me back
blk600rrstunter said:
sent u a PM i want one asap ready to paypal when ever u email me back
PM sent......................................
mine's better.

hahaha lookin good man. looks like i shoulda gone with a honda radial mc, but we'll try this one out. reason i say that is just cause of positioning reasons. you'll see my pics shortly.
paypal sent
It'll ship out today, thanks blk600rrstunter. i'll be making another big batch maybe in a couple still have 2 more if anyone else is interested.

if i sent you a F3 master could you make me a junction valve?
the junction valve, or "handbrake valve", as i'm calling it, should fit most late model sportbike rear master cylinders. If your stock F3 rear master cylinder reservoir fitting looks like the black piece below, then my handbrake valve should fit right up.

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hmmm...actually, the F3 rear master fitting looks different...
i believe he has a new hobby and job, makin everyone HB junction valves and to think it all started with us....
The f3's fitting gets held in buy a clip, not a screw. Thanks anyways. Worth a try.............
If u have an extra rear mc, send it to me and i'll make one...
haha all u fools and your hand breaks. The only real need i would have for one at this point is for seat standers. my friend looped one over cuz the idle was up and there was no engine break at such low speeds. what do u guys use the HB's for? do u feel more comfortable with the HB rather than the foot break? or are you guys bustin out sum off peg wheelies?? if so lets get sum pix of these HB's in action!
spreaders/tank wheelies
^^ u get em high enough past BP to where ur constantly ridin that HB to keep from loopin?? and at a constant speed or even slowin em down? i bet that makes for sum sweet ass pix, lets see sum!
well, haven't even attempted a spreader or tanker yet on the rr...only been on the bike once since the sprocket, and it snowed like a foot this week...haven't even been able to really try the HB yet...did some spreaders on my old R6, but was scared to go high due to no HB...but after watching guys scrape and tap in HC with the hb, u really need to have one to do that stuff
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