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handbrake installed

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Finally got my long, Goodridge SS brakeline on friday...made up some more junction valves, and threw it all together. Bleeding it was a bit*h, but i finally got it. the 1000rr clutch master is sweet.

If anyone is interested in the junction valves, PM me...I made 3 extra. here are a couple pics.


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nioce. let us know how she works once you get some seat time with it. goin with the clutch on bottom eh? any particular reason?

3 extras, i got a buddie in need of a HB, how much for the junction valve? maybe 2?
gotcha on the valve, i'll let him know.

just about any lever other than stock is an improvement. the stock one isn't too bad if you can move it farther in on the bars... til you get an aftermarket one, then you won't understand how you ever did without it, lol.
sheetone said:
u should have it today or tomorrow...lemme know when u get it
got it today bro, thanks for the hookup. :rocker:
1 - 5 of 50 Posts
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