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handbrake installed

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Finally got my long, Goodridge SS brakeline on friday...made up some more junction valves, and threw it all together. Bleeding it was a bit*h, but i finally got it. the 1000rr clutch master is sweet.

If anyone is interested in the junction valves, PM me...I made 3 extra. here are a couple pics.


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sent u a PM i want one asap ready to paypal when ever u email me back
paypal sent
i believe he has a new hobby and job, makin everyone HB junction valves and to think it all started with us....
i actually dont need one yet i got the foot brake down wile sittin but still gettin used to it wile standin. im just startin to collect the parts now so when i do want it it will be sittin in me garage but i might put it on now so i can be a poser like alot of the other peeps i see and u know what? i might throw a 12 bar on thier also
when i do them my speedo says about 20 so i figure im doin like 10 to 15 i got a -1 and a +10 so u do the math for the speed. when i do them i sit all the way back on the seat so my ass is against the rear seat. i can do stand ups and sit down from that position and i dont have a huge problem doin them, but the reason i want the hand brake is maybe it will help me when doin standups i will use that better than the foot brake but thats just a maybe. and i also love the posers. i got a friend that claims he can wheelie nice and all that but hes got a mint 12 bar and he cant even really get it up, we make fun of it all the time
and i got to get that idle cable mod thing done so i can start tryin to catch idle wheelies and im goin to start tryin spreders. i just got my gearing on last week and i havent had a stunt session with them but im hopin to get one in this weekend...
ohh yea i was gonna ask u what u did with the light controls? i was just gonna put them on the little intake cover thingy but havent really looked at it yet. just out of curiousity
sweet setup. i like my upper one thier though and i am tryin to get all my fairings back togther so my bike will look decent again so i was gonna try my way but if that dont work i like that alo also nice and clean
i like my shitty bike and the people who dont know who are like look at the nasty bike that guy cant ride, and i pass them on one wheel.
1 - 8 of 50 Posts
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