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Has any tried to repair their Iridium visor?

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My cat pee'd on my Vemar Iridium visor and when I went to clean it off the iridium coating came off. Of course, it's right in my line of sight and there's no buying another one. Well, there is 1. But it's in the UK for $80 shipped.

What about replacing the coating? There's this company that I've never heard of. Or should I attempt to use some cheap window film from wally world?

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I couldn't imagine the repair would be more cost effective that to replace so I think you'd have to bite the bullet and buy a new visor
Well mirrored window tint is $20 a roll. That link to iridium coatings is probably not cheap and may not even sell small quantities.
I'm having a hard time picturing a cat peeing on a helmet visor. Did it lift a leg or do you store it in the cat box room? :)
It was totally my fault. I had moved something that the cat's had previously pee'd on on top of a dresser. Forgot about that and then left my helmet next to that object after a ride. I should have put it back up and paid the price.
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