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Hahahaha look what i found on a car forum

Mod list SPOOF

.:1996 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon:.

Body work mods:
  • White in Colour(it's basically a Matte finish as i haven't polished it in 9 years)
  • Paint chip on left passenger door(from a shopping centre car park somewhere)
  • Rust forming in the area where the paint has been chipped(That's what happens when you live 400 metres from the beach)
  • Scratches on grey wheel hubs(from driving up gutters)
    Dent in the rear "grey" bumper bar(Dad couldn't see where he was going because he has a stiff neck)
  • Paint chips all over the front bonnet from cars flicking up stones.
  • Headlight protector has a funky crack in it...
  • Bird **** all over the passenger's door cos the young Indian Mynor Bird can see its self in the reflection hence shitting itself...
  • Front right mud flap has a awesome high performance crack in it...
Car Engine and drive line mods:
  • Ticking exhaust valves(the ticking stops once the oil gets to that area at start up, so it's quite high performance...)
  • A timing belt that should've of been replaced at the 100,000km service (The car has just ticked over 210,000km so it probably needs replacing. But i think it is a high performance mod as it adjusts the valve timing a bit by bit all by it's self...)
  • Worn oot exhaust valve seals that make the car smoke like a bush fire at start up (Has to be high performance as there is less friction between the valve seal and valve stem.)
  • There is a squeaking drive line seal on the front left side of the car that gets really annoying when driving through traffic.
  • I replaced the stock OEM spark leads with generic Supercheap Auto ones(Look guys, the box had a High performance sticker on it so it must make the car go like the clappers)
  • The engine is filled up with Homebrand SAE oil that i bought at the local supermarket...(It was on special, buy one get one free so i put all of the 8 litres of oil in the engine which only takes 2.7litres...)
  • A blown head gasket that makes the oil spew down all over the engine casing making it look like a scene from Charley and the Chocolate Factory...
Interior mods:
  • Ants eating away at the Soothers couth lollies embedded in the rear seat upholstery...
  • Dog hair in the back area of the car.
  • Blue high performance seat covers.
  • Loony Toons Tweedy Bird air freshener.
  • A loose wiring connection behind then odometer dashboard that makes the car look like it has a disco going on inside at night.
I love my "mod" list so i might display it in my sig like everyone else does...
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