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I think we've been had....

If we actually think that our vote counts then we can NEVER see this happening....
It is my personal belief that big brother thinks we NEED to be told what is best for us instead of us actually having freedom of choice.

IF IF IF our vote does in fact count and I am incorrect, would it not make sense to allow voter's the option to choose from big brother's hand picked candidates?

My two cents...

Have we been duped? Were we lead to believe our last Prez was a dunce only to condition us to vote for a "more competent" candidate the following election regardless of eligibility?

Whether the following candidate was eligible or not wasn't the focus AS MUCH AS his competence. Did we get duped into voting a "silver tongued devil" into office by being fed up with the "previous bumbling idiot"?

Looks like a duck!
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