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Hayden interview. Good read.

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Repsol Honda’s Nicky Hayden arrived at Phillip Island with a diminished championship lead. An off weekend in last Sunday’s Malaysia Grand Prix landed him in fourth, while his title rivals took advantage. Camel Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi won the race, and cut his deficit to Hayden to 26 points. Hayden’s teammate Dani Pedrosa, who nearly didn’t race because of a practice injury, rode an inspired race to third and now sits 22 points back with four races to go.

“Malaysia wasn’t great,” Hayden said during Thursday’s pre-event press conference for Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix. “I mean, I was 23 seconds faster than I was the year before, so after I looked at it and seen how much I improved I wasn’t quite as bummed. Like you say, four races to go now. And it’s getting crunch time. This is a track I like a lot, so it would be nice to stop a little of the bleeding, have a good race this weekend. So we’re still in a good position. Still in this middle seat. So, just keep fighting. That’s all I know to do.”

Hayden used a new frame in Malaysia. He’d tested after the previous race in Brno with promising results. But the frame didn’t work so well in Malaysia. Nor did the clutch, a part that’s been faulty all year. There was a new clutch in Malaysia, but he couldn’t use it for the race.

“After Brno there we used it and it worked really well at that test at that track,” Hayden said of the updated chassis. “Worked good. Had a bit of a problem at Malaysia, wasn’t as good. I mean, on Sunday it was not my excuse. Bottom line is I wasn’t quick enough. Sure it’s easy for a rider to sit here and say it’s the bike or the tire or something, but you’re in it together with the team. Regardless, we as a package wasn’t good enough.”

Now he comes to a track he likes where he’s had some success. Phillip Island was the site of his first ever podium, back in his inaugural 2003 season. He nearly won last year’s race, only to get out-smarted by Rossi.

“I love it. I love the track a lot,” Hayden said. “The weather is good and I like the track and just the atmosphere here. The Aussie crowd knows how to get into it and have a bit of fun on Sunday. It just seems like the atmosphere is always really good.

“Normally a lot of good racing because of the slipstream and in the past I’ve had some good results here.”

Hayden said that last year he wasn’t having a great weekend until he “stole” the pole in qualifying. The race pace was dictated by Rossi, who slowed it down so that the pursuing pack could muddle up the results.

“Yeah, in the race had a pretty strong race, but got beat,” he said. “I mean. Valentino (Rossi), I don’t really think was faster than me last year, just smarter. Let the group catch up. And a few guys got in between us and he pulled the plug and got away. Did a good job and was smart.” Hayden finished second, a second back, with Carlos Checa third on the Marlboro Ducati.

“There is a few places-I like this track-but a few places last year in the race where (Rossi) was faster than me, so try to remember that and work on those this week.”

As for the grind of three races on three weekends, Hayden’s all for it.

“I quite like these three flyaways because you come to this side of the world and instead of going back home and going somewhere else, you just come over here. Some people don’t like three in a row, but I quite like it. I kind of enjoy this stretch right here.”
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Thanks for the link.. spiffy piece...
Hmm, how long before a Hayden bash?

Sounds like what we've been saying all along, huh? Dang, a new chassis at Brno? A stinky clutch all year. Sucks mang. Here's to Hayden doing well in Australia.
Well if you looked at the other thread it was stated at least once that the new chassis at Malaysia had been tested at Brno and that he went faster with the new chassis than he had been the entire previous weekend. The new chassis he tested at the post Brno test was the package of updates he received at Donington, but turned down because he wanted to get in a proper test to dial it in.

Nobody was disagreeing on the clutch issue and no one is saying the bike is perfect.
Thanks for the link bro GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nicky:fiddy:
Hayden is a trooper and will fight till the very end!
I love Hayden's attitude. He never blames his problems on the bike or his team. He owns up to everything and knows that he needs to improve as a rider.

Regardles...GO ROSSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disco said:
I love Hayden's attitude. He never blames his problems on the bike or his team. He owns up to everything and knows that he needs to improve as a rider.
Absolutely. I think he has the heart of a champion and hopefully he can make it to the promised land.
i hope so too...itll be good if he can finish strong and hold his lead
Hayden Is the shyt..... But I dont know why their experimenting with the bike so late in the season!
Hayden is the muthafuken man. Go Hayden.
Hayden is a good guy and has a great attitude but I'm rooting for Pedrosa. He's the wave of the future.
Aren't you guys Americans? How can you root for an Italian when you are from the US? Nothing against Italians, I'm just your country!
is honda out to win a championship or test new parts, nicky has been a trooper through it all. As i said last year 06 is his year, go nicky!
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