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Hello everyone,
i'm a happy owner of a Honda CBR600RR 09' Lime green (some like to call it limited edition but there is nothing to prove it :p) .

Mods :

- GPR full exhaust
- Power commander 5
- ignition module
- Secondary fuel module
- quickshifter
- BMC air filter
- k&n oil filter
- performance brake line (we call them tubi in treccia) .
- transmission kit +2 (better start in lower rpm) .
- barracuda levers
- plate holder BIONDI
- windshield BIONDI
- rear seat cover with the same colour.
and other accessories .

Next mods :
- new exhaust : arrow/akrapovic/mivv suono or leovince in the next 6 months only because the actual one doesn't satisfy esthetically . I would love to put a toce exhaust or some handemade straight pipe but in Italy they are not homologated and if the police stops you they do 450€ of ticket (around 600$) and force you to do the inspection .
- front led indicator
- new mirrors
- backwards CNC Adjustable Foot Pegs .
- no cut frame protector (i can't find nothing for 09' , they are all for 07/08') .

Thanks ,
Eagle 999

P.S : sorry for my English :p :p


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Welcome, 09's are good bikes.

for frame sliders, go with the cut style, "no cuts" have a bad reputation OTF.
(woodcraft/CFM makes good sliders)

Green was a stock/OE color in 09, you'll see a few of these color bikes around.

Glad that Italy has just said "NO" to the Toce style exh.....any of the other pipes you list are top quality.

Rearsets are a definite upgrade...someone was just asking about Euro brands OTF

for improvements, start working on dailing in suspension to your weight and riding style....

Happy riding!

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Best color ever put on a CBR, dam shame they only did it one year.
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