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Since 2008 I was completely fascinated by the CBR 600rr (2007 - 2012 ) model, I still am everyday. It is my dream bike. I am a previous owner of the CBR250R which I have modded quite heavily. For example one of my proudest mods being upgrading to TPR Racing 305cc and Undertail customs mods but enough of that as I had also sold off to finally get my dream bike.

I live in India and the CBR600RR is not launched there and had to import it or buy a secondhand to get it. I got the latter. Tomorrow is the day I finally meet my bike (2008 version with minimal mods, well over 90% stock). It arrived on 31st December 2020 but I was out of town so I am getting there.
I am very much overexcited for this. I had seen this website/forums since maybe 2009 and I used to read along, researching about my dream bike. It is truly and honour to finally be a part of the truly legendary Honda CBR600RR family in this website/forums.

Also I am planning to upgrade to TST Hyper Pack ( Integrated LED Taillights + Carbon fiber Undertail + LED Flush mount indicators) TST / Womet tech Axle sliders + Fork Sliders + Engine sliders right away.
Also I am interested in Tripage LED Headlight overhaul but I might run them stocks for a few months first.
Thank you all.


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Hello, welcome to the forums. Gratz on your dream bike. I as well favor the CBR600RR in 2007-2008 model only, for a few reasons being fairings and emissions “power.”

Nothing is wrong with what you want to accomplish above, everyone has their own flavor of ideas, but for my .02,
The path I took below.

HID Light Kit w/ Ballast
Flush mount turn signals & intergraded tail light kit
X-Mount for cellphone
Mid-pipe with o2 bung installed

Gear Shift Indicator
(2) battery tender cables *one for charging the battery & *one for the USB adapter to charge my phone
K&N Air Filter
K&N Oil Filter
Motul Oil 4T
Motul Brake Fluid
Engine Ice Coolant

Power Commader V
Autotune o2

Servo Buddy *for servo motor & cables removal

Carbon Series Full RS-5 Exhaust

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Before you get on your bike on the major roads do a multi point inspection of the bike just to make sure your good to go. Judging from the picture, your brake fluid is too dark and is in need of a change.
Just check and change all fluids:
Oil & Filter
Coolant Flush
Fork Oil Leaks
Brake Bleeding/Flush Front/Rear
Brake Pads Front/Rear
Run 1/3 Can of Seafoam in the Gas Tank
Air Filter Condition/Replacement
Enjoy your new toy Happy New Year!

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Random info....FWIW!
Welcome and happy riding!

Search OTF for how to setup your bike's suspension for your riding weight.

At 165 lbs rider weight, I found the forks to be too stiffly sprung and went to linear 0.9 mm/kg springs. Changed rear spring rate to match new front spring rate also.

The OE wheels are pretty light and can be easily knocked out of true if you're riding aggressively on the public roads.

Thoroughly clean brake calipers and pistons with every tire change (2-3K miles)

Vacuum brake bleeder makes braking system maintenance much easier.

Efforts to lighten bike are well rewarded if done properly, for example LiPo battery saves about 5 lbs.

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