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Got a question as this seems to cover this subject alot but haven't found any solutions, On my CBR 600RR 04 i just did a track day today and tested out the new fuel pump, the bike doesn't want to go past 180km/h i replaced the old fuel pump with a 2nd hand one from the wreckers for $300 but seems like has similar symtoms, it seems like when it hits at that speed it cuts in and out like its starving for fuel..

Bike has had everything serviced and replaced lately. (including plugs)

The only thing i can think of is

Fuel Tank Seal on the top is kinked and losing pressure because its spits fuel from the top. (watiting for part)
Clean the Sensor ontop of the airbox which i saw on another forum
Regulator ?? read that somewhere else,
and somewhere i saw use a fuel cleaner additive..

Not sure what else i can possibly do it crosses my mind that the hose maybe crimped on the bottom of the fuel tank but highly doubt it has alot of power bottom head till it gets to those top speeds... any help is good

Yes i also do have a power commander have tried different maps and even the stock map has similar issues.
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