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Help: Need guide to swaping stock front mastercylinder

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Ok, so my front master cylinder has some rash on it. So i picked up a new one. Now i need a good step by step tutorial with pictures to guide me with my install.

Thanks in advance.
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Well, you are going to have to bleed the system, so thats a good thing kinda.
1) Drain brake system- do not get brake fluid on anything- you'll regret it, or wash it off quick.
2) remove the banjo bolt from the master cylinder. You may want to have a hose or bucket of water around, see 1 above.
3) You can remove the brake lever if you haven't already.
4) Remove old MC- 2 8mm bolt and the bracket will come off.
5) Install new MC
6) Put the banjo bolt back in(you should use new copper washers)
7) Put in fluid
8) Bleed system- use caution
9) Enjoy.
Any problems, we're here to help.
Thanks can i reuse the old brake fluid? If i have to get new fluid what kind should i get?
Don't reuse the old fluid- grab a DOT 4 brake fluid. I use belray, but thats me- others make it too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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