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Help!! Need some parts!!!!

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I need those little black plastic clips that attach the top of our right/left mid fairings (closest to the tank), and have a little rectangular piece that you pop out of the center then you can pull the entire clip out. I also need the little clips that attach our left and right lower fairings together covering the headers and exhast. These clips have a philips head screw in the middle of them and you screw them out to pop the clip out of the hole. I seem to have broken these after disassembling my bike.

I called the stealership for these parts, and they wanted to charge me $3.99 a piece!!!! That's crazy. I have a good feeling they're ripping me off. Can anyone help me out on what they're called, what part number they are, and where I can order these?
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Yea and Brad will be slightly cheaper then that. I've done the same.
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