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JB Weld should be tossed and come nowhere near bike!!! Causes impulsive quick-fixes that always results in problems down line. Such as what you're experiencing now, why repeat same past mistakes which results in same problems over and over again?

1. remove stator-cover

2. remove ALL traces of old gasket and sealants. Use razor blade to cut off (not scrape) to leave surface perfectly flat and smooth. Post photo of what this area looks like cleaned up:

3. get straight-edge (short metal ruler) and line up again edge of stator cover and engine-block to verify you cannot see air through contact edge all 360-degrees around stator-cover and engine. DO NOT proceed past this step until you've confirmed both mating surfaces are perfectly FLAT.

4. get new replacement stator-cover gasket: Amazon - CBR600RR stator cover gasket

5. replace that one odd-ball allen-key bolt with new one that's similar to others. Make sure it has depth of 2.0x diameter, no more, no less. Measure existing bolt and subtract or add length necessary.

6. install new gasket, use torque-wrench to install cover bolts in multiple-passes in criss-cross pattern. This final step is #1 cause of leaking covers, if cover doesn't go on perfectly flat and stays perfectly flat by having same torque on all bolts, it WILL LEAK!!!
Agreed, just replace it. Rebuilding a bike now had same issue. JB is trash, never put on a bike.. respect your bike...
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