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Help on a coolant leak near oil filter...600RR

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Hey guys, heres the stupid situation im in right now. well i was changing my oil yesterday, and couldn't find a oil wrench. SO, i went with the ghetto way. i used a screwdriver. well, as the screwdriver was going through the oil filter, it also went through the cylinder type housing next to it, that contains coolant. now i have a hole in it. its made of aluminum obviously and has hoses coming out it and has four bolts. problem is, i dont know what that part is called.... can some on please tell me what this is, and any info on changing it. i need to get it fixed ASAP. since im TRIPPIN LIKE A MOFO...

i know all of you right now are saying, "what a [email protected]$$"...that is surely welcomed...because i feel like one...hahaha
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See updated Fiche they have a listing for all the Honda parts. You need the Oil Pan/Oil Cooler page item 9. $112.00 for stupidity tax from one who knows from personal experience. :oops:
I'm pretty sure it's the oil cooler. If you put a hole in it, it will need to be replaced.
Drain the oil and coolant. Remove the exhaust. Remove the oil cooler and replace. Finally...go buy a filter wrench so it doesn't happen again. :wink:

Here is the part number: 15700-MEE-003 to order it from the site in the post above.
thanks guys for the help, i called the dealership today and they wanted 180 bucks for it...thats alot of retarded money wasted on a simple oil change. hahaha. :wink: go figure
Resurrecting a really old thread. Did the exact same thing. On my 05 600rr… I punched through the oil filter and pierced the oil cooler with a screw driver. Yup, it was a dumb @$$ maneuver. Yup paid the $120 stupidity tax (for a used oil cooler).

While I’m waiting for the part to arrive I figured I would ask. Can you re&re the oil cooler without removing the exhaust. I would prefer to get this done with as few pieces removed from the bike as possible… from the looks of things, it should pass between my Arrow headers and the engine. I’m not the most mechanically adept so the fewer parts coming off the bike the few “spare” screws and bolts left over after the job :)
invest on a tool it works wonder..
hahah best 18 bucks ull ever spend.
wow, i was helping my friend change his oil and we used the screwdriver thru the filter method as well. good thing we didn't end up with this mistake...

good luck getting the bike up and running soon!
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