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hey .net family I need your guy's input, I am trying to plan a ride for me and father over the labor day weekend. We plan on heading out early friday morning, and spending the night friday night and saturday night, and then head home sunday afternoon so we can have monday to rest. I live in Minnesota, and the options for right now are going for a ride up north or head thru wisconsin to possibly lake michigan.

My parents just got back from sturgis 2 weeks ago in South Dakota and they hit the most amazing roads, but i am down to head over there, but not sure if they want to head back that way sense they were just there. So that is an option.

What i need from you guys is where can I find the BEST scenic, windy roads in Northern Minnesota, All of Wisconsin, and Iowa?

My father can plan awesome trips, but i dont just want scenic (its not hard to find scenic roads), but i want reasurance of scenic and windy so help me out .

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