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Ok...maybe I just don't remember how to use it correctly but I went to modify my map and whenver I try and do anything to the PCIIIusb while the bike is on it says cannot communicate. I tried to open the accelerator pump feature and it said "no power to power commander". I though it was weird so I turned the bike off and put the little 9v adapter to it and it works just fine.

Then to test the communication I unplugged it and turned the ignition to on but I didnt start the bike. Everything is still ok. In this mode I can even verify my tps sensor is working b/c it gives me a reading.

I then start the bike. Once again it says cannot communicate! When I unplug the usb cable it reads Power commander not connected. Has anyone here had this problem?

I'd hate to have to send it back but I don't know whats going on.
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