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Help with h. shield!!!

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i have all the bolts out and my bike is in pieces and the da#%heat shield won't come off---where the bolts came off on the left and right side is where my prob is there's no room for the shield to squeeze between the frame and the bracket on the stock pipe!!!

i thought this was a 15min job!!!
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can anybody help
Which heat shield? the one above the muffler? Or the midpipe?
post a picture to if you can so we can understand where you are having the problem.
above the muffler
i don't cam on me---pic. this two bolts on the side of the stock pipe---these bolts also hold the shield on---between the frame and the stock pipe is barely any room for me to slide the heat shield off----if you have removed the shield how did you do it---i have an 06
There is another bolt inside the compartment under the pass. seat. Towards the rear brake.
that bolt also is removed----every bolt is removed---its getting it off now which is a b&%$#---it will not slide off
And you already lowered/removed the muffler? It should just fall off.. If you didnt lower the exhaust at least, forget about it. Gotta do that.
i got it !!!!u don't kno how much of a pain that was i hope it pays off ----it was the bolt all the way down by my right ankle --i didnt see that one

thanks 4 your help
Hey this thread really helped since I am doing this very soon. Thanks!
Do you mind me asking why you removed it? Was it to put an aftermarket exhaust on? It doesn't seem to look bad at all with it.
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