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Help with hoses!

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So no amount of google seems to be able to help me so I'm turning to the wealth of info that is dotnet.

Bought the bike used, its carfax is so big its got its own zip code, etc etc. Hoses were touching the crankcase and it worried me so I moved them around. Then I consulted the service manual to see just how messed up they were:

Then compared it to what I have:

and closeup

So my understanding is that my coolant overflow hose is MIA (I guess I get to search for it tomorrow) and that my tank overflow and intake hoses arent in the right place. Originally the fuel tank hoses passed over the crankcase, so I know that right now its at least some improvement :crackup:

My questions is if those hoses are in an OK position as they are right now or if it is imperative that I make the configuration look like the manual page above?

Thanks for the input!

PS: in the last pic the crankcase is not missing a huge chunk out of its side, its just some white paint/residue/crap
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The location of the hoses now is ok as long as at the bottom you got them going thru the gap in the lower fairing which will locate their tips of such hoses right infront of the kick stand or so
+1, Moeman is right, they should be fine. The coolant overflow hose will either be further up the body or possibly not connected to the overflow bottle.
Here is a picture of Miss O'Seven showing the flow of the hoses

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