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Ok so when I bought my bike the left bar end was missing... So what do I do? I go buy new ones... This is what the new one looks like...

This is fully assembled as it came on the package... Nut, black rubber, metal bar end, screw...

The one on the left is the way it came on the package and the one on the right is all apart

Ok, so I tried putting the right side first and it went in without the black rubber/nut. But it went all the way in to where the throttle would get stock and not move back to the starting position... So I put the old one back and tried to figure out what's up... dont know what's wrong.
I tried putting the left one which was the one that was missing and it only has this double washer and this tube that I took off by screwing the screw and pulling on it... Is a round long metal thing with thread for the screw to go in... So I'm pretty sure there is something missing since it doesn't look like the right one... I don't know what the guy before did but is all screwed up...(he did laid down the bike) so can you guys help me figure out what up with the left and how to put the right bar end... thanks. LMK if you guys need more pics or whatever... :surprised
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