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Help with Tripage IT install

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What is the best thing to use to cut the back of the battery tray? Cut off wheel? Fine bladed hacksaw? It also seems pretty hard cause its still right against the exhaust heat shield. In the install video from "stock" the stock exhaust was removed and replaced. Therefore it doesn't help me with this issue. Any tips guys?!
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A razor blade will do. Take a straight edge ruler and score a line with the razor. Then just keep going over the line with the razor, until it cuts through. If you want to do it faster just apply more pressure.
Use some tape to mark your straight line. You can use anything you listed. We use a cuttoff wheel for install but it's just faster. If you are removing your upper exhaust shield you will have to drop the exhaust to get it out "this is recommended" Heat shield isn't needed. If you look in the video again, that carbon thing in the middle is the exhaust, was done on a different by by us, this pictures was used in the video that customer made for us. Remove the 2 side bolts and the midpipe bolt for the stock exhaust, push down on the exhaust and you can pull out the heat shield.
Ended up using a fine bladed hacksaw. Got everything all set up. Just wish I had a sexy carbon two bros or akrapovic exhaust! I took off the fairings for easy access on an oil change. I'm just waiting on my magnetic drain plug to get here. After I get everything back together I'll take some pics!!!!
glad you got her cut ;) what year do you have btw? i dont remove my fairing for an oil change :)

2008.....doing my first oil change (600 miles) and I'm still kind of a noob lol I didn't wanna get oil on my lowers and to be honest didn't really know where everything was

Pics are up!!!! Check out the thread I posted: "Tripage IT with stock exhaust INSTALLED!!!" in the mods forum
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