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if it's not one thing, it's another...

Tonight, while riding to downtown LA to meet my girlfriend for dinner my exhaust bracket fell off. I didn't know this until I stopped and saw that the exhaust canister and midpipe were hanging dangerously low and to the side. I'm lucky the whole thing didn't fly off and hit someone's windshield. It was held up with a bracket that wrapped around the exhaust can and bolted to the subframe. I need some serious help/suggestions on how to bolt the exhaust back on. Right now it's rigged with a wire hanger threaded through the hole where the bolt used to be.

Some info: I have a GPR exhaust. It's round like the Jardines, Akropovic, and Arata cans for the 2004 RR's, which is the year I have.
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I would say that you're screwed untill you can get to HomeDepot or a hardware store.

Then you can buy some plumbers strap and a piece of rubber and make one untill you can buy a new bracket.

On 2nd thought,some wallmarts are open 24 hours a day and they should have the plumber strap and some type of something to keep it from scratching the pipe.

Plumber strap = 1/2" wide thin metal band with holes in it every 1/2".
found an exhaust bracket on ebay for 20 bucks. thanks for the tip about the plumber strap. the wire hanger I used is pretty stable and it's doing it's job right now so I'll keep it like that until i get the bracket even tho it looks ugly
Rubber may melt to the can btw.... try for some heat resistant stuff.
Virgil said:
Rubber may melt to the can btw.... try for some heat resistant stuff.

There's rubber under my mount on my Micron.

It may be something speacial but it's working.
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