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So, I ride my bike hard. And for good reason! Track racing! But, my question is...

For the CBR 600 (2004), under 5000-7000 RPMs, is the bike kinda of hesitant in 1st gear? If not, what could be the problem? Too lean? Too Rich? Plugs?

I should note, that if I give it throttle, slowly release the clutch, its fine. If the RPM lands over 5000. But, if I'm.. lets say coming from a light, stop.. and slowly start, then gun the throttle (under load), I feel a slight hesitation.

Hesitation meaning pull. It doesn't pull as well, like when it hits 7000 rpms, it'll soar. Open wide, and take off. And I mean take off. Real quick. Can't get that

Thanks in advanced.

(Side note: Does anyone still have a Dan Kyle Full Arata Ti Exhaust map for the Power commanders? I'm about to need one when my pipe comes it. I'll tweak it off of there. Figure it'd be a good starting point.)
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