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Hey guys, in the 5-6 years I've owned this bike, I can't remember ever having any mechanical issues, so of course one had to arise just as I was about to list it for sale.

Hard to explain exactly so hopefully the video helps, but it's hesitating when revving, so say open throttle then close (quick blip) and reopen which is when it seems to hesitate for a second before revving... My last track day was January 4th and it ran fine all day, fuel is from then but I doubt it'd be stale that quick..
Any suggestions? I was thinking spark plugs but don't want to strip it back down after just putting it back together, drop the radiator and coolant etc if it's not going to fix the problem...

Not the best video but the issue is more noticeable towards the start of the clip than the end..

Thanks in advance
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