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Hey! New member from MA here, in need of some help! Come inside and say hello!

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Hey everyone, I just picked up an '03 with a blown engine and no plastics for $800. I'm wondering about how much engines go for (how much one in great shape should go for, one in good shape, and a shitty one), how hard they are to swap (if anyone had a write-up that would be awesome, one for a rebuild as well), and what the best place to look for parts is. Any help would be much appreciated!

I probably should have started off with an introduction, but hell, I want to get this bike on the road!:banger:
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Great news! I put the bike in 6th and rolled it down the hill (yes I was on it, no I didn't give it a shove and let it go:drunk:) on my road to see if the engine was seized or if there was any rattling/knocking and to my surprise it turned over just fine with no ill sounds! Since the guy said it was blown and my first test didn't show any problems I looked it over from top to bottom and found that there was a crack in the front of the block near the bottom that had been covered in what looks like some kind of putty.

If this is the only problem with it, I should be able to scrape off the putty and have it welded (not sure what it's made of, searches didn't turn up any results to my surprise; if anyone could shed light on this it'd be appreciated) by either my grandfather or my dad's friend. My grandpa would be able to weld it if it was iron, and my dad's buddy is an aluminum welder for a shop, so either way I'm covered. (Edit: Just looked up JB Weld and DevCon metal epoxy and it looks like that would be a smarter, more cost effective option to try first.)

I picked it up cheap enough that I wouldn't be disappointed if I still had to replace the engine, but this would cut the cost of getting the bike completed literally in half!
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Sadly when I got to the bottom of the putty (yes, putty) mound put over what I thought was a crack, I found this:


I'm assuming there's no way a gaping hole could like that could be fixed, so I'm gonna beed to replace the engine after all.:banghead:. If anyone has one feel free to let me know! I only have a couple hundred bucks so I was hoping to be able to salvage what I could from this one, so keep that in mind when you offer yours up.
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