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Hi from Switzerland

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I just wanna say Hi. My name is Martin and I'm 22.
I'm in possession of a wonderful black 2007 CBR 600 RR. watch picture.
Now i plan to make some modifications on this bike:
get rid of this ugly stock taillight and those stock winkers. :gun1:
and buy a new exhaust. :banger:

i would love to have those integrated tail lights and the led rear passenger pegs from tripage, but i'm not really sure if this is legal in switzerland.

Greetings from Switzerland


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welcome to the 600rr dot net and great looking bike there bro :ciao:
i'm from Baden, canton aargau. Near zurich.
Why do you mean?
Welcome to the forum!
miene familie lebt in waltenschwil in der nahe des wollen
welcome! i would think switzerland has great riding roads through the Alps or something.
Welcome to the site! Post some pics of that bike!
Dude there are some amazing mountain rodes in switzerland! and romania, and italy
hey hey hey, you guys consume all the chocolate, hahahaha,

Welcome, and glad you could join us, towels are in the cabanas, the bikini girls come on fridays,

and drinks are on me next week, wooohooo,

good luck and enjoy,
Welcome... this forum is great! You'll find a lot of info and cool peeps here.
yeh great roads in switzerland that you cant properly enjoy due to the ridiculously high fines and consequences of speeding the ridiculously high fines and consequences of speeding
So true! you can't really drive like what i've seen in youtube or in the states. Otherwise i would have a fine, i couldn't pay and they would take my license for probably 3 years :D

But we have some nice roads to mountains, thats true ;)
Nice bike! Enjoy the forums, these guys are great in helping others!
welcome man!

i'm from zurich! got a 2006 cbr600rr...sweetness!
Hello and welcome to the forum. Nice bike you got there.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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