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HID install

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hey guys
I just got my HID kit and I am about to install it....but I have no Idea how. The directions that came with it suck hard. I have no idea where these wires are supposed to go!!

Can anybody tell me how to go about installing this kit...and pictures would help a ton!
Oh yah....its the HID kit from LegendaryArchs, both Hi and Low Beam 6000k
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yea looking for write up as well.
those 2 wires plug into your stock headlight connector.
You need to remove the connector from the stock bulb, then put the HID bulb in its place. Plug the connectors into the sockets on the connector that was hooked up to your stock bulb. All thats left is to find a place for the ballasts and test them out.
I put one ballast between the headlights and used two sided tape and zip ties to secure it to the fairing stay. I put the other one in the space under the lights (on the 06) and just used some two sided tape to hold it in.

Hope this helps!
Yeah into the headlights man. How else would they get switched power?
lol thread goes back to september..Im sure he has them installed by now..
Where did you buy them from, Link please.
buy them from xenonrider :) I just installed mine from him and they kick ass!
^^ +1 on xeonrider. Those HID's I got from him are awesome.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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