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Hi Guys, don't know whats going on here...

What is happening: I start bike with low beam only on... bike starts and DDM hid's blink on and off for about 30 seconds until finally it stays on consistently. Sometimes after a long ride with both HID's on and I stop to get gas or something and the fan is running, the bike struggles big time to start. Have had to bump start it before even...

My setup: DDM HID's, megaboost battery from cyclegear (got it tested and was at 85% when went in), I also have my hid's wired up so that I can start the bike without any lights being on, figured that might help but I guess not.

My thoughts: Maybe the megaboost garbage cyclegear battery doesnt have enough initial power to fire ballasts, thus the HID's blinking??? PS I have replaced the rectifier.

Any thoughts are really appreciated....
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