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2011 honda cbr 600

Bazazz with z afm
15 tooth sprocket 45 tooth rear
No cat
2bros exhaust
Kn filter

Recently anytime I get on the high way or open road I open the throttle and had a little hesitation except now when I open full throttle the bike almost stalls it feels, it jerks then kicks in then slows back down almost like the engine is flooding. The bazazz O2 sensor fell out of the pipe and I was adjusting the map until the problem started witch lead me to find out the O2 sensor was out of the pipe and my Air fuel ratio was out of wack when I put the sensor back on (I had it welded) so I feel like the map is screwed up and need to restart could this be causing it or do you think my fuel pump is messing up?

I also found one of the three hoses on the bike one came out of its home I'm not sure if it's the gas tank vent or the overflow hose could this cause this problem as well?

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first of all
1)How are your spark plugs?

2) estimated lifespan on those O2 sensors is only 500 hours & bazzaz taxes like crazy on replacements.

3) have you ever taken the bike to be dyno'd and compared the AFR readings from what's in your exhaust vs the wideband the shop will use?

4) did this start before or after changing air filters?
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