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Hillbilly Steaks BBQ Roster

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Hillbilly Steaks BBQ Roster UPDATED!

Guys, I need to start getting a count of who is going to make it to the BBQ so I can plan ahead. If you are coming, please sound off in this thread. If you aren't coming....then don't sound off :glasses10

Hope to see you there.


HBS BBQ Tentative Roster and Directions

We live Northwest of Kernersville, I will give directions for coming from the west on

I-40 or coming from the East On I-40.

Coming from the East….Interstate 40.

Get off on the Hwy 66 exit in Kernersville. At the top of the exit, take a left. You will stay on hwy 66 for like 7-8 miles approx. There will be a couple turns, but just keep following the signs for 66. At the intersection of 66 and hwy 158 (big red sheetz gas station on your left) you will take a left at the stop light. Go about ¾ of a mile and you will go thru one stop light. Almost immediately you will see a small car dealership on your left, our subdivision “High Knoll” will be right after that, on the right. Pull into the subdivision, the first street on your left is ours. Diane Court. Our house is the last one on the left hand side. 4810 Diane Court.

Coming from the West/Winston Salem

If you are coming from West of Winston Salem, you want to get on business 40. If you are coming from the south into Winston Salem on 52, stay on it until you hit Business 40. But you want to be on Business 40 East. Take Business 40 east until you see the exit for 158/Walkertown. Take this exit. You will go about 8 miles north. There really aren’t any landmarks, but our subdivision is on the left. The High Knoll sign is a white sign. Just watch for the Car Dealership on the left. Our subdivision is right before it.

Same thing, pull into the subdivision, first road on the right….last house on the left.

Eazy E & Mrs.



Natecoop & Gina

Drew & Mrs.

Kevin & Mrs.




Molsonman and Mrs.


James Fink

Ridgerider and wife

Brandon and Cheryl

Wiz 2/75 rgr. ????

I will continue to update the roster…there are a few more coming that I don’t have listed I’m sure.
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I will be there with a friend.
Running late. The woman hasn't gotten back from shopping yet. I am looking at a 7:00pm goal now...
Sorry I didn't get to come. I was looking forward to it. My wife isn't even home yet and I have the kids.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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