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How are HJC jackets?

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First of all, does anyone know what's up with the HJC website? I can find the site for the helmets, but not for the jackets. The closest I can get to a site for the jackets is below, but I'm not sure that's the official site. Has HJC stopped making jackets? More importantly, does anyone have any experince with the HJC Sport II jacket?

I bought my RR in December. So, I'm just getting into all the gear. I've noticed that alot of people have the A*'s. What are some of the better quality brands. I tried on the Cortech Impulse this weekend. Does Cortech make good jackets?
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i have this one. I got it at Laguna Seca at some mega store.... I heard a rumor that they stopped making jackets.... Anyway. It works great! Had 1 accident and it heald up great!
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got in a wreck with my hjc, not a scratch or bruise. they work well.
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