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I've got a quick question, I just got my new pads and am going to replace them probably tomorrow, but in the Clymer manual I got with my bike under the brake service it says, "Warning: Replace the caliper mounting bolts every time they are removed. They have stretched and cannot be tightened to the correct torque specification during installation"

But from every how-to I've looked through it says nothing about replacing these bolts. So I guess the question is, do they really need to be replaced? is my manual wrong?
I've never replaced them. I use loctite on them though.

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When using loctite on these bolts it is very important to use a very small amount, (one drop). Never put loctite on the starting threads of the bolt, you want to skip 3-5 threads and then put a drop of loctite on the threads.

If you put loctite on the starting threads of the bolt, the loctite will go on every thread of the bolt as you run the bolt inward and may cause major headaches when trying to remove the bolts during your next brake job.

Personally, I wouldn't use loctite. I would spend the 2 or 3 dollars on the new bolts and torque the bolts to factory spec.

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thanks ^

Quick how to for bleeding brakes:
tools required
1) Wrench for bleed nipple
2) 3/4" clear tubing (i think...haha) and glass container with hold punched in cap
3) funnel, Phillips head screw driver, DOT 4 fluid, cloth..etc etc
4) I use ATE super blue, its really easy to tell when the blue fluid starts flowing through the tubing, that you are done!!!
note: next time I'll use ATE super get the point.

1) remove front shield
2) bike on side stand and turn handle bar all the way left. This will make the brake reservoir level with ground
3) remove reservoir cover and rubber seal and level thingy - lol
4) get the tube on the nipple. other end goes into the bottle.

1) PRESS brake leverx2 - unscrew nipple <fluid flows through tube and lever bottoms out> screw nipple - release lever.
REPEAT exactly in order ^^^

2) keep a close eye on fluid level in reservoir and fill it up. keep doing until clear blue fluid flows through tubing.

repeat for other caliper.

same concept for rear caliper.
Just a question regarding dual brake systems on the front. which caliper should you do first and last? or it doesn't matter???
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