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This info is posted in bits and pieces so thought I'd consolidate it here.

First: I wouldn't do this. The side stand safety switch has probably saved me from embarrassment or worse a couple of times.

But: About a month ago I was stranded three miles from home when the sidestand switch malfunctioned and all I could do was idle. Ended up walking a mile before a kindly senior citizen picked me up. I had tools but didn't know exactly how to bypass it.

Well, here it is:

1. Find the wire that goes from the switch to the plug up by the frame ground. Left side, see photo.

2. Cut the two wires.

3. Splice them together. I did it here permanently with a waterproof Dolphin connector (the blue thing) but in an emergency you can just crimp them together.

Now your bike thinks the side stand is always up.

I've replaced my switch with a new one but I'm including this little bypass plug in my tool kit.
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