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how to fix a crack?

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Wats up everyone, I wanted to no if someone cud tell me how to fix a crack....check this thread for piks of the crack thanks to anyone who can help...I was thinking bout fixing the crack then finding a decal to go over the scratch....also if u guys no of any decal that wud cover the scratch wud be nice as wll
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It's gonna look like ass no matter what you do. I'd start looking for a used rear section. In the meantime drill out the ends of the crack to keep if from spreading. Then drill a few holes on either side and pull some zip ties through them.
Best thing would be to take the tail off, drill some holes around the crack (small ones) and then lay 2 layers of fibreglass behind the crack covering the holes as well. Spread your resin on it and let it cure. This will hold fast to the back of the crack and make it solid.

When it cures, sand it back around the outside and edges and then paint it with a rattle can and a coat of clear.

If that's too much work, look for a new one, but I always find it fun to do my own work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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