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I thought this might be helpful to folks that have or are considering purchase of a Chatterbox GMRS. When my crew first got them, we figured we'd use a higher channel to avoid as much crosschatter as possible from folks outside our group. I think we used channel 15 or something.

Basically, the GMRS SUCKED at that channel setting. Our reception if we were outside of each others' line of sight was literally zero. Our effective range was probably no more than 1/4 mile. It was MUCH worse than my old FRS multisport.

Last weekend, one of the guys read in his Motorola GMRS manual that channels 1 - 10 on GMRS work a LOT better (dunno why). We tried channel 7, and it worked as I would have expected, with excellent range and around corners.

So, use the lower channels and make sure you're all on the same group setting as well. Chatterbox's directions suck a**, and don't tell you much at all. To this day, I have no idea what the group setting does for me.

If anybody knows how or why this all is, please enlighten me.

Oh, BTW, the Chatterbox GMRS ROCKS. The new version of the noise-cancelling microphone and speakers perform as advertised. I find that I don't have to adjust the VOX controls at all any more, whereas on my FRS Multisport I had to adjust constantly based on speed. I can now leave the setting and go from 0 - 100+ without adjusting. Amazing. The speakers are a lot clearer now too, and I can actually hear my buddies at all speeds (even with earplugs). On my old FRS Multi, the distortion above 70 mph made it so that I couldn't understand squat of what they were saying (I'm sure their new microphones helped too).

Final note, a buddy of mine has an FRS X2 from about a year ago with the first generation of the noise-cancelling microphone and speakers, and they worked even WORSE than my old FRS Multi. He ended up having to use the PTT button and turn the VOX all the way down. With the new mic and speakers from the GRMS X1, he's thrilled.
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