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Hi everyone, been lurking on this forum for quite some time, but now have finally decided to join.

I've been riding for a couple years now, but finnaly have purchased my first bike, a 2002 CBR600F4i (yes I know its not an RR).

I took the MSF course 2 years ago, had a blast, got my motorcycle endorsement, then, my brother offered me his old GSXR-750 to fix up and ride. I was initially worried about riding it, but, but continued to work on it anyways.

So meanwhile I put 2500miles on his 1000rr two years ago, and last year, put another 3000miles on his 1000rr while looking for parts and the title to his 750GSXR, so I guess the 750 wasnt too much to worry about. Now that we still havent found the title to the 750, and he got rid of his 1000rr I had to make a move if I wanted to ride this season.

Decided to get an old 600 instead of a newer 1000 because, eventually I will go down, and I want to be able to push the bike without fear of hurting myself or breaking pretty plastics. On top of that the 600 is waay less touchy than the 1000rr was, and I feel like I dont have to have my senses cranked up to 11 to ride it (Ill just keep them at 10). And of course, the 600 is cheaper to buy, own & maintain than the 1000 would be.

seeing as I managed to log over 5000miles on a 1000rr I'm not too worried about the 600F4i being too much bike for me, rather, I'm content it will be just the right amount for me, that is, until the power bug bites (which with me, it always does).

Looking forward to my time on here, peace!
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