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I did it. The graphic add-on.

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Some of you wanted to see pics when I got it done. Well, I did it. Here is a pic. If you have any questions about it, just post it here or PM me. Enjoy!

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I made them out of a roll of black vinyl. It was hard to do, too, to be honest.
Just so everyone will know, when you get real close to it, you can see some ripples and stuff in it... very subtle but when light hits it, its not perfect. I had to stretch this stuff over curves and bends so I know thats why it happened, but I think I can roll some of it out using a blowdryer. I had to use a dryer to get it warm so it would stretch out. I basically taped off what I wanted black, and covered the area with vinyl, then cut using the tape edges as a guide, with a razor blade.
TheX said:
What happened to the front fender additions? Looks great BTW, the fender you had mocked up looked awesome, it completed the stock gfx on the fairings.
Oh crap! I actually completely forgot about that... Im going to go pull the front fender and do that right now. I shoud be studying, but cmon! There's a motorcycle right outside the door!
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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