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I had a 140mph get off

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Soooo.... yeah. Went to hooters, had a great time, talked about the lack of gear around only one part of my body (my ass) and so on, was a great BoRn meeting and everyone had fun.

now before i continue, i dont consider myself a squid and so on, i have done a few squid things here and there but hey, havent we all at some point... i do the track days, i have the gear, the track plastics, i stunt when i stunt in a closed off abandend airport and so on.... so heres the story:

EDIT: to make this easy, im in CT, its been 50s here all month pretty much, today it was 70! This happend at 10pm on a connector between two major highways, its about 5 miles long and straight with a nice big (NOT SOFT) concrete devider:

We go out to hartford, go up 384, 291 and a few other places just to ride around in the nice weather. It gets kinda late but we end up at NECC again, meet up with at few guys and we go out for a spin again, on 291 me and a guy on a gsxr 750 line up to do a 2nd gear roll on again, did it a few times and all was good (guy didnt beleive me it was a 600, said its a 1000 with diff stickers... he suck at riding, but who am i to say that NOW). Anywho, 3rd time, we open up, i upshift into 5th and at the same time i go over a small bridge type thing devider that picks the front end up a little.

As it comes down it goes into a small tank slapper for about .2 seconds and from there it escalates to that Isle of man TT tank slapper that we all have seen, I rode that out for about 1/4 mile at 140 if not faster. Did everything i could to try and get on the gas or lean back and so on... but it was so violent and fast i couldnt do **** but hang on and let it do its thing.

After some time the bike starts to drift fast from the right lane into the concrete devider on the left. Once i got to about 1' away, i had to make the hardest desision of my life... to jump off the side of the bike at those speeds. So, thats what i did, i leaned back and slid off the right side of the bike. Landed on my right butt cheeck and and right before that the bike slammed into the wall as my leg dragged on it a bit. Once on the ground i knew right away to get onto the protected parts of my body so i worked hard to lift my butt off the ground and slide on my back, my boots, my helmet and so on. At some point i end up clipping the wall and it spun me around till i came to a stop (guys said i went at least 100-200 feet).

After sliding over a drain, i rolled onto my stomak and started to crall down the side of the highway... figured thats not a good idea and rolled over to lay down and check myself. There was almost no traffic but by this time a few cars had stopped and so did everyone else who was on the bikes (only BoRn members). I checked myself for a few, i knew i didnt hit anything hard and so on... so i got up and started to walk, my bike was a good 300 feet down the road.

I walked up the side of the highway in the left lane to pick up my credit cards and so on since my wallet got ripped out of my back pocket, i also knew my ass was a little on the fucked side. Chris ran up to me and told me the bike still runs and to see what i wanted to do... i jumped on it and we took the next exit (1 mile or so).

At the gas station we really inspected me and the bike, and since i was 10min from home i said **** it, ill just limp it home. Came home, went to hospital to scrub my ass (BOY does that ******* hurt!) and now im here, the only ONLY, rash i have is on the unprotected part of my body, and i have one small little blister on my palm from trying to stear myself and it rubbed through in one spot.

I had on, Riding boots, shin guards, knee pads, back protector, leather jacket, leather gloves and a helmet, and that all SAVED me life! I cant be more happy with the way a really bad situation turned out!

The bike:

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Io, Do you have a damper on that thing?

was a beautiful bike man..
NewRedRider said:
Good try CV. But this guy appears to be riding very hard and aggresive on the track. Not quite the same as your normal street rider and certianly not a fair comparison for this discussion. Tanks slappers should be a once in a blue moon event. Why buy something to mask a mistake? I believe we should educate riders on the correct way to handle one, if it ever happens to them. Not buy something to cover up a mistake that they don't know how to adjust and will probably make it steer worse.

But I digress. Io-Bot, stop racing on the streets! You are one lucky SOB to survive that. I hope you learned a valuable lesson and set a good example for everyone else.
There is a difference between knowing what to do, and thinking straight and quick enough to be able to do it in the event of it happening.. Personally I like to have something there as a "just in case" thing because they can happen real quick. Some people like all the help they can get. kinda like being on a boat.. You dont need a life jacket if you can swim do you?... but you never know. :D
1 - 2 of 81 Posts
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