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I was really bored so I made some changes to my auction

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Check out the collage at the bottom. I made sure your plates weren't readable. (Not that they were to begin with) :wink:

Thank you guys for providing some good pics!

I'm not very good at web pages but with a little startup help from Lucky its getting a little better. I'm open to suggestion that will spruce this page up.
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Dang dude that looks good, You are better at that stuff than I am. how much did that auction cost you to put up on Ebay? Sorry to hear you live in 29 palms though. Get out before June comes around.
Hmmm, So the stock turning signals will mount to that bracket, or short stalks ?!? If so I'm In.
Any aftermarket lights should fit there.
All right, I'm in. Is there still a discount for members? My ebay name is also WherzRoony
man, now I need to paint my subframe black...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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