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i900 Key Fob Problems

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Just fitted the Scorpio i900 after reading about it on here and 90% of it works, what doesn't is the key fob automatically showing the state of the bike alarm when you turn of the bike.

Turn of ignition and the alarm activates, walk away - return without fob - alarm goes off, return with fob - no problem, jump on ride away.

At no point does the fob show the system is armed or the aerial sign that it is in range (standing next to it). That said if I activate it manually or press both buttons to turn on the perimiter sensor then it is all fine and I can get the aerial sign in my office (unless I go to the far side at which point I lose it but it then comes back when I come back over to my normal side)

On random occasions the status does appear on the fob after stopping the bike but I cant find any reason for this and it seems pretty random.

Anyone any ideas?
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So the lock sign on the fab does not open and close as you walk away and get close it it?
Nope, not unless I press two buttons on the fob (it never unlocks when I walk close to it either, only when I start the bike)

Have worked out that the initial signal from the MCN when turning of the bike is extremely weak.

Hang fob from mirror
1) Start bike no problem, alarm turns off and fob updates.
2) Stop bike - alarm chirps, fob does nothing (shows unlocked)
3) kick tyre - icons flash and fob now updates to show closed padlock (alarm does not chirp or activate as still within RFID range)
4) Repeat all of above with fob on rear seat - updates no problem when stopping bike!

Called Scorpio - no ideas, suggested I send it back. Anyone else experienced this?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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