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Hey y'all,

I have an 05 600rr that I'm trying to sell, but there seems to be an issue with the idle that I want to figure out beforehand. The bike idles fine when it is in neutral; however, when the bike is in gear and I pull in the clutch lever (i.e. sitting at a stop sign in first, or coasting with the lever pulled in), the bike idles at a much higher RPM than normal. It typically shoots up to around 3000 rpm. It will come down to normal when put in neutral though.

The bike was stolen from me late last year, but the police recovered it when they tried to pull the guy over. So I got it back, but the guy made all sorts of aesthetic changes to it (it looks terrible now), and they replaced the ignition. It has a different key now from when before it was stolen (luckily the dude left it in the ignition when it was recovered). The bike was dropped on its right side when he took off running. It also desperately needs an oil change (which i don't think has anything to do with my issue, but figured the more info the better).

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!
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