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Well, seems last time I posted on here was way back in 2008 with my old account. That email address may be long gone, but my love for 2 wheels certainly hasn't!
Back in '08 I had just bought my first bike, a 2005 600RR and was immediately in love. Over the next 4 years, I only managed to get 8000 miles on her and only dropped it twice at 0 mph in the first few months?. Then in 2012 I put it on planned non-op registration to take a small break to focus on other things.

And like most good things you want in life, they take a lot of time and effort. So the bike sat covered up in my garage....for 8 years!
Now as I'm sure most of you know, when long storing a vehicle you definitely don't want fluids in the bike. Well out of a lack of time and some laziness (well mostly laziness) I never got around to doing that. After a few years, I knew it was going to be bad and honestly dreaded the day I'd have to deal with it, so I didn't until this January.

As a gift to myself for finally earning a mechanical engineering degree, I decided to face the music and get to work! The 4 gallons of ancient gas in the tank did a number on the tank and my fuel pump. Parts on the pump disintegrated into rust! I was lucky that was the worst of it. Ordered a new pump and while I waited for it, I went to the inside of my tank with varying grits of sandpaper (no fun at all), removed all the injectors to get them cleaned up, did a coolant flush, and got it some fresh oil. A buddy was even nice enough to let me borrow a front stand so I could get at the front forks for service. Many work hours later the bike is now in really good shape and let me tell you, that first rip through the gears after 8 years felt insanely good!

So, glad to be back!

P.S. Don't do this to yourself, and maintain your stored girls!
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