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Impact Armor chest protector

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Just received my new chest protector from Impact Armor ( It is custom made and fitted to each individual. You send him your measurements, and he'll make up a foam template for you to try on for size. Then simply give him the okay, or discuss any adjustments needed, and the final product will be ready for you.

I will be "field testing" this for the first time in 2 days at the track. As expected, the sizing is perfect, covering the bulk of my ribcage and sternum. It is meant to be worn and held in place by a snug fitting suit, as there are no straps. I zipped it inside my one piece, and it molds perfectly to the shape of my upper torso. Plus I feel like I can take a very hard blow to the chest without batting an eye.

The armor itself is perforated to allow airflow, and is enclosed in a breatheable pouch that unzips to allow removal of the armor piece.

Best part is, you get all this for $90 plus shipping. Hard to beat considering it is a custom piece of protection. Also, it doesn't hurt to know that this is the same chest protector used by the likes of Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards.

Here is a pic...

Oh yeah, the name tag and emergency medical data card are nice touches too :01_thumbu
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kool stuff bro
excellent stuff. he makes them for lots of pro racers. i had a set... and it saved me... as it did my friend... during wsmc racing. i just keep it out in the sun... to soften it up... and it fits perfect. chest and back is the way to go. he'll even put your name or # or whatever on it to personalize it... and i recall that there are color choices too.

good choice... enjoy... nick - mri
i was looking at that before
i found the tipperary espirit vest- its a vest used by horseback riders and is supposed to be really strong. i just dont know anyone who is using it, im thinking about getting it just to be safe, it also has side protection, which is always good,
looks good, ken, cant wait to see all you local ny metro area riders again. ill be the slow guy.
BX6Double said:
looks good, ken, cant wait to see all you local ny metro area riders again. ill be the slow guy.
Nah, you'll be fine I'm sure. I won't be anywhere close to fast either (at least not on the streets).
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