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Just received my new chest protector from Impact Armor ( It is custom made and fitted to each individual. You send him your measurements, and he'll make up a foam template for you to try on for size. Then simply give him the okay, or discuss any adjustments needed, and the final product will be ready for you.

I will be "field testing" this for the first time in 2 days at the track. As expected, the sizing is perfect, covering the bulk of my ribcage and sternum. It is meant to be worn and held in place by a snug fitting suit, as there are no straps. I zipped it inside my one piece, and it molds perfectly to the shape of my upper torso. Plus I feel like I can take a very hard blow to the chest without batting an eye.

The armor itself is perforated to allow airflow, and is enclosed in a breatheable pouch that unzips to allow removal of the armor piece.

Best part is, you get all this for $90 plus shipping. Hard to beat considering it is a custom piece of protection. Also, it doesn't hurt to know that this is the same chest protector used by the likes of Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards.

Here is a pic...

Oh yeah, the name tag and emergency medical data card are nice touches too :01_thumbu
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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